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increased checkout page speed


increased customer experience

Brief store has a live 24 hour shopping-cart type store. It is set up to accept a variety of "payments" and "shipping methods" to every country on Earth, with real-time postage cost calculations and payment processing services. Each order has a unique delivery time and postage cost dependent on the customer's choice.

Main points

Client was getting website performance issue and security vulnerability

We have performed the code audit and performed the below steps

  1. Upgrade Magento
  2. We have upgraded the Magento from to
  3. Fix rewrite conflicts
  4. Fix code pool override
  5. Fix error log report
  6. Remove unnecessary extensions
  7. Fix Core Files changes
  8. Code security scan (Trojan, Viruses, Malware)
  9. Database security scan
  10. Scan and validate external scripts and services

Improve checkout experience

  • Disable unused checkout extension
  • Upgrade outdated one step checkout extension

Integrate BitPay payment solution to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

  • Improve customer UX by removing unnecessary links from my account section
  • Social login
  • Customer order note



Thank you for helping me adjust, edit, and install contributions to Magento. Your work was incredibly valuable.