Frame soccer jersey in style

We'll show you what to look for in the jersey so that it becomes a star in your home.

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Butz & Theimann GbR built the brand as a first online shop for Jersey frames to hang jerseys with the special frame on the wall. They provide every fan a fine selection of high-quality picture frames for jerseys in different colors and sizes. "Show which club beats your heart" is the motto of


TrikotRahmen chose to upgrade from Magento 1.5 to the latest version of Magento 2. A unified commerce platform which enables them to handle their B2C offering within a single eCommerce platform for both Mobile and Desktop consumers.

We developed extensions for the site to improve user experience and search engine optimization. We continue to carry out ongoing development support, and design work with TrikotRahmen.


Having begun discussions in November 2018, TrikotRahmen wanted to migrate from Magento 1 Community to latest version of Magento 2 open source on February 2019.

With a tight timeframe of just three months, Aureate Labs delivered TrikotRahmen’s Magento 2 open source site by the beginning of February 2019. Whilst also migrating them to more capable hosting provider to get better results with site performance as well as increase conversion rate.


Having chosen Magento 2 platform, TrikotRahmen  now has a reliable and scalable site which is mobile-optimised, able to showcase their unique products and better caters for their B2C offering.

Comparing the first couple of months of new website’s performance with the same period in the year before, we have seen a lot of improvements.


Working with Aureate team was a pleasure. They are highly skilled and quality of work is outstanding. The project leader is extremely good at project management. Expect daily reports and fast response to messages when you hire!

Björn Butz
Trikot Rahmen, Germany